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Urban Krag Climbing Center features 8000 square feet of textured and sculpted vertical terrain with heights ranging from 28 to 56 feet. We also have an inclined bouldering wall for both advanced and beginner climbers, and of course there are plenty of people here ready to jump in and help with a route.


May Special

Yearly Prepaid Memberships only $370

That's a $100 in savings!

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited Climbing

  • Free Rental Equipment

  • Weight Room Privileges

  • 15% Off Pro Shop Items (sorry, no discounts on sale items)

  • Member's Night (Monday)

  • 3 Free Day Guest Passes (Per monthg for EFT and yearly prepaid members only)

*Membership benefits are non-transferable

Hoop Dance Workshop

May 28th, May 30th and June 4th

$30.00 per person - must pre-register

Hoop Dance Flyer and information click here

Accepting Applications

Assistant Manager and General Staff

Apply Here - Urban Krag Job Query

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Live Fit

Unlike most other sports, rock climbing develops the strength of your entire body and teaches your muscles to work together in synergy. It corrects unbalanced, weak musculature in the body that forms from sports that isolate specific muscle groups (i.e. weight lifting). Using your brain to place your hands and feet so that your muscles can do their job.

Live Fun

Our facility has a great atmosphere to bring the whole family to enjoy a night out of the house, or grab some of your friends for some much need hang time. You can even work out some stress and come alone for a few hours.

Whatever your reasons for getting to the walls, we’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied.

Live Smart

Rock climbing is good for the body as well as the mind. When you come to our walls you will find yourself navigating through the routes like a puzzle, increasing your ability to make decisions quickly and rationally based on your body’s capabilities. Rather than just your brain, though, it’s your entire body, soul and mind that is put to the test. Will you pass it?

Live Safe

As the sport of artificial rock wall climbing grows, there is a stronger need for standards and tolerances, especially in the areas of safety and wall construction. We have been operating as an indoor rock climbing facility since November of 1996 and follow the CWIG standards for how a rock wall should be built with anchors and lines that will take a 4000 lb weight.

Urban Krag Climbing Center

125 Clay Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402 |937.224.KRAG (5724)


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Hours of operation

*If no climbers are present 2 hours before our scheduled closing hours, we will close early to defray ever increasing operational expenses.

Summer: May 1 – Sep 30

Monday Members Night: 5pm to 10pm
Tuesday-Friday 3pm to 11pm
Saturday 10am to 8pm
Sunday Noon to 7pm

Winter: Oct 1 – Apr 30

Monday Members Night: 5pm to 10pm
Tuesday-Friday 1pm to 11pm
Saturday 10am to 9pm
Sunday Noon to 8pm

Our History

Once upon a time, the building at the corner of Cass and Clay Streets was a decrepit, abandoned church. With the application of a lot of vision, love, and hard work, it is once again a thriving gathering place in the heart of Dayton’s Oregon Distict. Witness some of that transformation in this “Before and After” video!


Urban Krag was recently featured on the local television program “Our Ohio“. Here’s a copy of that feature, used with permission:


DSC_2061 - Version 2-1
  • DSC_2061 - Version 2-1
  • DSC_2067-1
  • DSC_2069-1
  • DSC_2070 - Version 2
  • DSC_2076 - Version 2
  • DSC_2077 - Version 2
  • DSC_2080 - Version 2
  • DSC_2081 - Version 2
  • DSC_2083 - Version 2
  • DSC_2091 - Version 2
  • DSC_2093 - Version 2
  • DSC_2094 - Version 2
  • DSC_2099 - Version 2
  • DSC_2103 - Version 2
  • DSC_2108 - Version 2
  • DSC_2110 - Version 2
  • DSC_2113 - Version 2
  • DSC_2116 - Version 2
  • DSC_2122 - Version 2
  • DSC_2124 - Version 2
  • DSC_2126 - Version 2
  • DSC_2128 - Version 2
  • DSC_2133
  • DSC_2135
  • DSC_2138
  • DSC_2139 - Version 2
  • DSC_2141 - Version 2
  • DSC_2142 - Version 2
  • DSC_2146 - Version 2
  • DSC_2147 - Version 2
  • DSC_2153 - Version 2
  • DSC_2154 - Version 2
  • DSC_2155 - Version 2
  • DSC_2157 - Version 2
  • DSC_2161 - Version 2
  • DSC_2161
  • DSC_2162 - Version 2
  • DSC_2163
  • DSC_2165 - Version 2
  • DSC_2167 - Version 2
  • DSC_2168 - Version 2
  • DSC_2168 - Version 3
  • DSC_2175 - Version 2
  • n521556704_1729153_3544835
  • n521556704_1729154_1730361
  • n521556704_1729155_6386878
  • n521556704_1729156_5045014
  • n521556704_1729157_5855306
  • n521556704_1729159_7272111
  • n521556704_1729161_4100264
  • n521556704_1729163_5866869
  • n521556704_1729164_4861902
  • n521556704_1729168_6197386
  • n521556704_1729170_43420
  • n521556704_1729171_1340437
  • n521556704_1729173_2125159
  • n521556704_1729174_5390448
  • n521556704_1729179_1632345
  • n521556704_1729181_3128366
  • n521556704_1729182_5640841
  • n521556704_1729183_6767158
  • n521556704_1729185_2269122
  • n521556704_1729188_6297158
  • n521556704_1729189_8070541
  • n521556704_1729190_7846529
  • n521556704_1729191_7914227

Here you will find a little more information about the “Krag”. From the history and how it came to be, to some before and after photos.

Please feel free to browse around and share a few pages with your friends!

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